Timothey Dillon


Cell: 613-276-5090
Email: tim@greaterottawarealty.com

Office Location

58 Larkspur
Nepean Ontario

About Me

Tim worked many years as a top salesman in retail sales, training and installation with Sony and Future Shop.

In recent years Tim and his wife Laurie built a successful independent coffee, juice and water supply distribution and related-equipment leasing business centered in Ottawa. The business still remains successful with the full-time dedication of Tim’s wife Laurie.

Tim and Laurie have two children.

What You Get As A Realtor

From his wealth of experience in dealing with the public, Tim is an excellent communicator, a superb negotiator and exceptionally mentally alert to identifying ways to overcome potential barriers to making a deal. A measure of his ability to connect with people can be found in his frequent responses to businesses asking for his advice and help.

Tim is an enterprising real estate agent with a passion for the commercial side of the real estate business. In his relatively short real estate career, Tim has sold everything from lots to condos and high-end homes. On the commercial side, he has represented multiple buyers of restaurant businesses (a major parcel of business real estate).

Above all, Tim is uncompromisingly ethical and acts to ensure a fair deal. He is affable, a good listener, gets to the point quickly and is unafraid to call “a spade a spade”. Tim is your real estate agent to find the business or home that best represents your aspirations for the future.